Wild Counsel


As my training is eclectic so is how I practice. Sessions may be a  blend of

various modalities as each person is unique with what they bring on the day.

I offer an inclusive practice working with

individuals, couples & families from diverse.

backgrounds and lifestyles.

- Areas of Work Include -

anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, fears, relationship issues,

step/blended families, pre-marriage exploration, self-esteem

and confidence issues, grief/loss, life transitions, identity issues and trauma.

Also group work & organisational therapy and intervention.

- Trainings -

Gestalt Therapy (Masters)

Gestalt Therapy (4yr Grad.Dip)

Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis (Adv.Cert)

BWRT Registered Level 1 Practitioner. Member BBRS

The Circle Way Group Work Facilitator

Pathways Leadership Training

Community Welfare (Cert IV)

Emotional Freedom Technique

Soulcraft - Soul Centric Human Development with Bill Plotkin

Reiki Master 

Shamanic JourneyWork

Pricing & Policy

All Sessions are - 9o minutes 

Sessions for Individuals - $120

Sessions for couples & families - $190

Please note I do work with children 10+ years of age

Minimum of 3 therapy sessions for Couples & Families

Minimum of 5 therapy sessions for Individuals

I do not offer crisis or one-off counselling

Payment is made on the day of your session. Payment options are cash or direct debit

(for this option please contact me to make a prior arrangement)

Cancellation - I regard time as a precious commodity, both yours and mine. If you need to cancel a session please do so NO LESS than 24hrs ahead of your scheduled session time.

If a session is cancelled within 24hrs of the scheduled session

half the session fee will be billed to you.


How I Work

 Having a foundational training in Gestalt Therapy

provides a solid underpinning to my work.

My other training in Ericksonian Hypnosis, BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) Emotional Freedom Technique, Group Work & Reiki

expands how I can be with my clients in a unique, unconventional 

and flexible way.

The people who are drawn to working with me are often open individuals

who themselves have a yearning to explore beyond the confines of

traditional 'talk-therapy'.

They are ready to allow their unfolding and explore newness.

I work relationally which means that through the use of

Awareness, Dialogue & Support in the Here and Now,

it is possible to break out of old ways of being

and create new opportunities for growth and connection.

I have been described as 'solid, intuitive, grounded, direct and challenging'.

As well as 'gentle, compassionate, insightful and safe'.

supportive, aware, ethical with clear boundaries. 

I welcome your call and after a brief discussion I will be able to tell you if I feel I am the best fit for you. I am always open to recommending other skilled therapists

if I believe you would be better served through working with another. 

I request a minimum of 3 sessions for Couples/ Families & 5 sessions for Individuals.  

I am committed to working with people who are committed to their process.

I do not offer Health Care Plans.




Circle Keeper

I host local Women's Circles that are a closed Circle for 4 weeks

covering many deep and explorative topics.

These Circles provide a safe place for women to relate to each other and themselves

with the support of each other and myself. 

We dive deep with open heartedness, curiosity and response-ability.


Contact me at Wild Circle on Facebook for more details.



"Gentle, loving and misses little....was my doorway to a new life" - Y.O. Retreat Facilitator 

"Hands down the best person to speak to for just about everything". - M.B. Accountant

"I have witnessed Jo's remarkable capacity to hold safe space for the unfolding of

'what is' during group process". - L.D Therapist

"I will be forever grateful to Jo for showing me a way of relating that I had no idea I could achieve"

- D.S. Therapist

"Jo has a great combination of strength, wisdom, knowledge, intuition and empathy.

My only suggestion, don't see Jo if you don't want to change". - S.J. Entrepreneur

"A wonderfully intuitive woman who seemed to get me immediately. She creates a safe space

to explore those matters that are important". - M.B. Celebrant & Artist